Mr & Mrs Pom

Sparkling wine cocktail prepared by adding naturally fermented “Wonderful” pomegranate juice to a Moschato bianco sparkling wine, aimed at enhancing the flavour and aromatic ingredients, and maximising its organoleptic characteristics and added value.


Moscato Bianco: Euganean Hills area, Veneto region, Italy. Thanks to the volcanic soils and an average altitude of 350 m, this has been a Controlled Designation of Origin region since 1969 and is ideal for producing top-quality grapes.

Wonderful: From Northern Greece in the Regional Unit of Pella. Controlled cultivation pomegranate groves on sloping ground ideal for producing superior quality pomegranates.

Mr&Mrs Pom has an electrifying natural rose colour when served in a glass and is topped by a delicate, creamy foam, while its natural fruit aroma is reminiscent of the elegant character of Muscat wine in perfect balance with the tang of pomegranate.

A unique fresh flavour with the typical acidity of pomegranate, refined by the sweet aromatic notes of Muscat.

It makes an ideal aperitif, with its low alcohol content and intensely fresh aroma. Can be combined with summer fruit, sweets, or used as a base for sorbet or long drinks. Its high acidity lends itself to accompanying light meals, special gastronomic delights with fruity or sweet and sour overtones, as well as with shell fish or fish marinated in herbs.